Friday, November 12, 2010

Paperwork Difficulties

Yesterday, we went to the US Embassy to do our fingerprints. We'd followed the link our agency gave us, made our appointment, got help to cover watching all the girls while we were gone for the afternoon, rented the car to go all the way into Beijing, only to find out that the appointment was wrong:( They told us it should have been with the office next door. We said, okay, we'll go there. She then told us, but you have to have an appointment. We decided to give it a try anyway, hoping that after we'd come all this way, we might get an opportunity to do it anyway. It certainly didn't hurt trying anyway. When we walked next door, however, there was no one there--all locked up! There wasn't even anyone there to talk to in order to make the proper appointment. After we returned home with an unsuccessful trip, we got online and after much searching, we finally located the correct place. Apparently, they take appointments by email only, so we sent them an email asking for their next available appointment. I'm guess they don't have a lot of call for fingerprinting here so we think perhaps they only do it certain days of the week. Hopefully we'll hear from them on Monday and make our appointment asap.

In the meantime, we are still waiting on our home-study that was supposed to be finished the first week of November. From the last email I received from our social worker, she was finishing it up the first day or two of November to send to our agency. So we are assuming it is at the agency awaiting review before being finalized. How come no one ever moves fast enough for adoptive parents?!! Actually, I know it's all in His timing so we do our best to be patient knowing that.

We have also now collected all our dossier documents with the exception of the home-study and the immigration filing, which we are waiting on to file once the home-study is completed.

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