Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Generously QUEEN Sized Quilt

Pineapple Log Cabin Pattern--

(Pieced from the heart and donated by Rita's mom!!)

This is absolutely GORGEOUS! What a treasure this will be for generations, not only in its obvious beauty as a quilt, but also in the story of adoption that will be woven into its history... made by this girl's grandmother (Rita's Mom) to bring her home! This is a generously oversized QUEEN QUILT, it will fit the extra deep mattresses many of us have today!
You do not get this in your basic quilts without paying a pretty penny extra for good quality, let alone hand-made like this. It's STUNNING!!

• Approximate size: generously sized Queen--width 95 x 99 length
• Color Scheme: Rich Red, Evergreen, Natural and White
• Pattern Name: Pinapple Log Cabin
• Solid printed piece base in the center along with additional Hand Piecing in the white areas.
PLEASE NOTE: There is a preprinted piece used in the "color" areas and then pieced outward from that with white pieces. There is an incredible amount of hand work done in this piece regardless of the preprinted areas!
• Machine quilted
Please don't hesitate to email with further questions! Thank You!

Starting Bid: $300.00

Current Bid: $350.00

Please post a comment to bid.

Bidding ends Nov. 19 @ 9 p.m. CST.
Shipping $20.

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