Thursday, October 28, 2010

Blessed With A Book!

Remember some months back that there was something in the works to also help bless us and raise some of the needed funds for this adoption?! I was not able to tell you then, but now I can!! It is a book written by a friend. Him and his wife volunteered at New Day for 6 months before returning to the states. Caleb and Christy Phillips have been greatly missed as they were a blessing to so many while they were here. Although they've now gone back, they continue to bless us by writing this book and donating the entire proceeds to help fund our adoption!! I cannot tell you how that makes us feel! It brings tears to my eyes. That they have such a burden for orphans that they are willing to write a book, go to much effort to have it published, making so many connections and perhaps even traveling to different events to promote this book in order to sell it, AND THEN donate the proceeds to help bring home our daughter!! There just aren't words enough to describe the love and warmth that brings!! We are truly, truly blessed!! Beyond words!!

The book is about his trip here to China and the work he was involved in while here. It's basically his journey to China and what he saw and experienced while here. He talks about how it affected, transformed his life and even the way he thinks now about many things--what is really important in life--what is not. We've previewed the book months ago and I'd highly recommend it as good reading. It is soon to be distributed and they have a website now up and running to begin pre-selling copies. Here is their website location I encourage you to go there and check it out. While everyone's experience is uniquely different when they come here, it does give a good overall depiction of what life is like here.

We'll give you updates on total sales periodically. If memory serves me right, they hope to sell a minimum of 1,000 books hoping to donate about $6,000 to our adoption fund. That is the goal they were shooting for anyway. That would be totally awesome!! The book sells for $12 and you can now pre-order a copy. Wouldn't it be even more awesome to go over and beyond that goal?!!! They, as well as us, are believing that He will do mighty and awesome things with this project!!

The following is what they have posted on their website:

"The book is almost finished and will be ready for distribution shortly. For your information it is being published by Wine Press Publishing. The book can be bought directly from this website. It will also be available to buy at major events in the U.S. I will let you know which ones. Please remember that all of the author's proceeds, about 60% of the cost of the book, are going directly to a family who is adopting an orphan. I hope you buy one for yourself, and maybe one for a friend. Thank you for bringing an orphan into a loving home. To buy the book click the "Buy Now" button on the bottom of the page and follow the directions using Pay Pal. "

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  1. This is SO neat!! I love how God uses ordinary people to bless others. He is so creative and will stop at nothing to help us give another orphan a home. LOVE it!! :)

    I will certainly be checking in out and placing my own order in due time.

    God bless! <><