Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Miniature Chinese Porcelain Vase

Miniature Chinese Porcelain Vase - Beautiful Colors

Do you suppose the artist who painted this vase could have guessed its special destiny?
This beautiful little vase is 2" high and 2 1/2" wide. Tiny but mighty--it will command special attention with it's tiny details and Asian flavor.

On the bottom there are some Chinese characters followed by "Made In China," and beneath that "07." The decoration is gorgeous. There are two white round medallions each with a red painted Chinese character. [I have inquired of some friends on the translation of the characters. One translates "10,000" and the other "age/years" and they are part of a traditional 4 character saying that essentially wishes a government/imperial leader "long life." --- these are 2 of the 4 characters but essentially give the same meaning as the full 4 character set.] The rest of the decoration is outlined in black and then some of those areas are filled in with paint. The paint is worn in only a few tiny areas, perhaps telling of it's age? The dark rose or magenta is heavily applied giving the appearance of enameling and it adds lovely texture. The decoration at the lower portion of the vase almost has an Art Nouveau/Art Deco feel. It is a bright white porcelain base, so I am not sure of it's history. Regardless of its age, what a treasured link to China's beautiful artistic history. And personally, I think a dandelion or two picked by a special little someone in your life would be a PERFECT in it!

Starting Bid: $8.00

Current Bid: $10.00

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Bidding ends Nov. 19 @ 9 p.m. CST.
Shipping $4.


  1. Thanks Suzy! If you could please email me (Valerie) your contact information so I can contact you if you win that would be great!
    You can email me at almquist@fmtcs.com
    Valerie (and Rita)