Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sarah's Treasure Box Pendant Sale!

I am continually amazed by the hearts that come forward in generosity for adopting families. Thank you again for each and everyone who donated a prize or made a donation to the Rippee's fundraiser. I'm still working on contacting some of the winners. If you have won something and have not emailed me your home address or contact email please do so ASAP!

And with that fundraiser behind us and lots of room moving forward, I am super-glad to announce a One Day Pendant Sale at http://www.etsy.com/shop/sarahstreasurebox!

Sarah and her husband operate an etsy shop called Sarah's Treasure Box. They are adoptive parents themselves and are blessing other adoptive families by "paying it forward" with the opportunity to have $5 from EVERY pendant that is sold on October 5th to go to The Rippee's Adoption Fund!

OCTOBER 5th is The Rippee's Day!

And it's coming up fast. Can you help spread the word?
Could you blog about it?
Twitter about it?
Tell your neighbor?
Tell your friend?
Your Mom?
Your sister?
Your Adoption Chat group?

Just check out all the cool faith pendants and adoption ones too, more being added daily so check often as she restocks her store before the big Oct. 5th day!
The necklace pendants range from $7.99 to $16.99 (a wee bit more if you choose the custom design option listed.) It's a super price for a little bling! Especially bling-with-a-cause.

Here's what you do:
2• Choose some super sweet neck wear for your favorite people for Christmas, Birthday or Just Because.

That's it! (The sale that donates to the Rippee's is only on Oct. 5th AND the note designating it for The Rippee's is what will get them the $5/pendant so don't forget that!)

Here are a few more ideas of who to buy a pendant for:
That Hard to Buy For School Teacher
A Sunday School Leader
Your Faithful Mail Carrier
Your Sweet Bloggy Friend
Your Mom
Your Sister-In-Law
Your girly-girls
Your Secret Sister
Your little girl's best-est friend
Your baby-sitter
Your Operation-Giggle child (if she's old enough)
... Yourself ...

My goal for this fundraiser? Two-Hundred.
Seriously ... this is so do-able if you help spread the word and won't you please?
Oh yes, and International shipping IS available!
And what a conversation starter when you wear your pendant and someone comments on it. You can say that it helped bring a special little girl to her Forever Family and who knows what seeds of faith you may plant!

P.S. Here is a page sized jpg of 6 cut-apart card you can hand out to your friends at church or throughout the week to remind people to donate by buying ON next Tuesday OCTOBER 5th!
12:00AM through 11:59PM
One Day.
It's Gonna Rock.

Here are a few more of my favs from Sarah's Treasure Box.


  1. Oh my goodness!!!! CHRISTMAS!!! I have several family members in mind who would LOVE one of these....and they will be getting one for Christmas. :0)

  2. Thanks for the FB reminder, Valerie... I'm heading over to check them out now. Praying it's a big success!! <><

  3. yay!! My 4 are in the mail! Tough decision for sure since there are so many beautiful pieces! What wonderful Christmas presents they will make. And the recipients will be SO EXCITED their gift directly helped the Rippee's! Yahoo!