Friday, September 10, 2010

And the Winners Are!!

I have listed the prizes and the winners in the order we drew the names. A special thank you to all of you who have donated these absolutely wonderful prizes!! Congratulations to all our winners! Please be sure to email Valerie { almquist(at)fmtcs(dot)com --remove the (at) and (dot) and replace with @ and . } with your mailing address so that she can send you your prizes.

Again, thank you so much for your generosity and encouraging words!! And now.....the list of winners!!!

MeiFaith Studio (Shelley): two stunning pieces of jewelry from her etsy-site

1.) PURPLE PASSION SET --The winner is: Ella Bella Designs

2.) THE FAR EAST Pendant—The winner is: Michele Corday (HeMoves Mountains)

It's Poppy Dip (Sallee):
3.) An adorable size 5T dress—The winner is: Caleb & Christy Phillips

Firefly Photo Jewelry (Shawna): Two beautiful necklaces

4.) I Love You to the Moon Hand Stamped Soldered Pendant Necklace—The winner is: Shannon Miller

5.) Handstamped adoption necklace- Born In My Heart.--The winner is: Caleb & Christy Phillips

6.)Kay Bratt: an autographed copy of the Encore edition of Silent Tears: A Journey of Hope in a Chinese Orphanage . --The winner is: Molly Wilcox

7.)Scarlet Threads: Scarlet Threads apron --The winner is: Caleb & Christy Phillips

8.) GirlyGirl Bowtique Package—The winner is: Caleb & Christy Phillips

9.) Girly Girl Bowtique: $20 Gift Certificate --The winner is: Rufflestiltskins
(this was something I WON last Fall when I gave my VERY first donation to an adoption fundraiser. WHAT A BLESSING to include it as a prize here!!! My prayer before checking to see if I had won THAT give-away was that God would use the winners to answer deep prayers from the heart. Wow. God is SO cool!)

10.) Junk Posse (Tracy): a gorgeous "China Necklace," valued at $70.00! --The winner is: Vicki Cupp

Jewels of My Heart (Daleea): 2 packages of 5.47" x 4.21" notecards

11. "LuLu Friendship Note Cards" --The winner is: Kim0

12.) "Sophie Friendship Note Cards."–The winner is: Ashley, reynoldsmommy at

13.) Debbie Gentile: "Sisters" Photo, matted 8x 10 black and white photo ready for framing!--The winner is: Sarah Tien

Heather: FIFTEEN! ultra-funky camera straps.

The winners are:

14. Kay Bratt

15.Tara Anderson

16. Angie Sanders

17. Mary Kim Herndon

18. Donna Luce

19. Michele Leonard Pompei

20. Christian Hayes


22. Mary Howard

23. Angela Karum

24. Chris from The Land of Cheese

25. Vicki Cupp

26. nightowl

27. Stephanie (Ni Hao Yall)

28. Football & Fried Rice

29.) Heather: a $50.00 gift certificate to! --The winner is: Tara Anderson

30.) Ruffled Feathers (Valerie): $25 gift certificate from—The winner is: Timothy Tien

31.) Rufflestiltskins (Melanie): a gift certificate for $50.00 toward anything through her website, winner is: Gretchen

32.) Wheat and Wildflowers (Kimberly): a $50 gift certificate to anything in her store of the winner's choice.--The winner is: Vicki Cupp


33 and 34.) Two handcrafted and designed, beautifully-beaded wrist-watches.

  1. The winner is: Mandi Yager

  2. The winner is: Mary Kim Herndon

Ruffled Feathers (Valerie)

35.) a little painted chair.

Dimensions are 23"h x 12"w x 12"d—The winner is: Molly Wilcox

Wit & Wisdom Interior Lettering (Valerie)

36.) $30.00 gift certificate toward a custom designed vinyl wall art saying from Wit and Wisdom Interior Lettering. --The winner is: Jenna Hardy

SewShay (Sharon):

37.)The Rainbow Roll—The winner is: Jenna Hardy (Valued at $18)

ella bella designs

38.) Adoption Announcements Pkg.—The winner is: Sarah McClintock

39.) Sara (donation by her from Jewels of My Heart):The winner is: Sara McClintock

a bracelet of the WINNER'S Choosing from Daleea's 3,000 Bracelets Campaign to bring her daughter home!

Baby Be Blessed Dolls

40.) a gift certificate of $56! Enough to cover a PERSONALIZED doll including s/h!—The winner is: Mary Kim Herndon


  1. Wow! Lots of good prizes were won by some awesome people! Thanks so much for this...I will continue to lift you up as you trust for the rest of your funds to be provided by the One who WILL provide!

  2. Congrats to everyone who won... some great prizes for some lucky winners!

    Praying for the rest of your journey and that God will provide every penny needed!!

    Love and hugs,
    ~Tanya (and Khloe)

  3. Thank you so much for your encouraging comments. They mean so much as we travel along this journey! I just wish everyone could have won!!

  4. Yay! So exciting to be amongst the winners! But more importantly, to see so many people coming together for the sake of God's children. Love it!