Saturday, October 2, 2010

Get An Early Shopper Pass to the Pendant Sale!

So, you all have been "window-shopping" Sarah's Treasure Box for the BIG sale on Tuesday that will be benefiting The Rippee Family in their Adoption ... right?!
OH! So many cool pendants every. time. I. check!

Well, I have the coolest DEAL to share with you that Sarah came up with. A little twist.
And here it is ... 
You can shop early.
Beat the rush. 
Before your favorites are gone.

How so? 
On Sunday and Monday anyone that does a blog post* about the fundraiser, explaining who it is for, when and with a link to Sarah's Treasure Box can shop early with a code from ME! 

To get the code, email me (Valerie) at with a note and a link to where I can find it. When I check out your post (please be patient for my reply as I do sleep at night and will be at church Sunday morning until after 12 noon.) I'll then send you a special code to include at checkout that will give you access to this special twist of a deal!

It would also be GREAT if you would please include in your post to ask others to post on their blogs too--and then they can also have an early shopper invite too if they email me with a link to their post! We really want word of this fundraiser to reach as many people as possible as fast as possible.

The thing is ... we've set a really HIGH goal. I want to reach 200 pendant necklaces sold ... and Sarah wants me to reach it too, because not only does Sarah from Sarah's Treasure Box have a huge heart for orphans but also for adoptive families and those fundraising for them as she's an adoptive mom too and knows how long and hard that fundraising road can be! (So remember her heart and her shop in the future as well!) 

Sarah is donating $5 from EVERY pendant necklace sold to The Rippee Family's Adoption of one of the sweetest little girl in the world.

Here's the Info:
The regular pendant sale is:
October 5th, starting at 12:00am through 11:59pm.
Sarah's Treasure Box

PLEASE include a note to the seller at checkout with The Rippee's name so The Rippee's get credit for the sale. The Cool Twist of a Deal tacks Sunday and Monday onto the front of the Sale by using the special code ... making it a THREE DAY opportunity, Oct. 3, 4, 5th.) 
Remember that in the previous post you will find a jpg you can print, 
cut apart and hand out to your friends to invite and remind them too!

Please join us for this COOL sale ... remember ... One More pendant for One Less orphan.
One More For One Less!
*If you do not have a blog or would prefer to FaceBook instead or in addition to a blog post I would ask that you would send an ACTUAL personal message out to at least 25 people to qualify for the special code. (Not just post it to your page!) Please include an explanation of the fundraiser, the date and the link to Sarah's Treasure Box

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