Thursday, September 9, 2010

Final Hours!--Don't Miss Out!

The drawing for the FORTY really cool prizes ends tonight!!!
September 9th at midnight.

I wish it could go on forever ... but then again, wouldn't you all like to have some winners?!
I think Chip-In is going to shut down early ... I'm not sure what's up with that ... but I see the clock will end around 6pm CST as it stands right now. HOWEVER!!! If you still want to donate we will honor your donations and other entries through midnight!! Simply email rita with the address on the sidebar:
ritasblessings(at) gmail (dot) com
OR me
almquist (at) fmtcs (dot) com

We will let you know an address where to send anything you might wish to add to the pot and also cheerfully enter you in the drawing!

ALSO, make sure to post a comment to ANY of these posts to let us know what entries you qualify for. They will roll over through our email and you'll be entered. Just need to leave a comment :-)
ie: Valerie 1. blog post (address to the blog) 2.) button on my sidebar 3.) donated (although Rita will know that via Chip In or your email to her or I. 

And make sure we have a way to contact you ... in case you win!

SO Post, Blog, FB, put that button up, call your neighbor or your friend or your sister ... it's amazing to see the drops flowing in and the thermometer rising!

To Him be the glory!


  1. I donated a while back when you first started, and I just made another donation to "end with a bang". Blessings, Sarah Tien

  2. Kim O
    1 entry for being a follower (added it to my blogroll on google reader)
    2 entries for adding to facebook!/sweetiee1
    but my page is private.
    1 entry for prayer for your adoption and precious little girl!