Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dad Has Returned!

As most of you know, Randy made a trip back to the states for his dad's surgery. I purposely didn't publish the dates he was gone as it isn't something you want to advertise publicly. He has now returned and we are all so joyful!! Dad was missed so very much by the girls and myself. Things weren't exactly easy around here while he was gone. 16 days was a terribly long time for all of us and especially these girls!! I was just getting to write up some of our experiences of dad's absence if you'd like to read all about it, you can go to the following website You can also read plenty of stories of what all goes on at the Forever Home!

Now, we will be working on getting our physicals completed and sent in to our caseworker. I talked with her this past week and she is still lacking a few pieces of paperwork that our agency is collecting due to the fact that we live outside the states. I do not yet know how much longer this will be before completion, but these sort of things are never fast enough for the family involved!! I'm sure that many of you, who have also adopted or are in the process, can relate to this quite well. Anyway, that's the latest on the adoption progress.

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