Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tomorrow at Midnight

Tomorrow at midnight the GREAT-BIG-GIVE-AWAY  for The Rippee Family's Adoption will close!

Have you entered?
Have you prayed for them?
Are you a follower of the site?
Have you put their button on your blog or FB or wrote a post about them?
Have you posted what you've done to make sure we know?

If you have, thank you SO much!! If you are still thinking about it, please don't wait too long and miss out. There are an immense amount of VERY COOL prizes.

FORTY PRIZES to be exact.

Beautiful jewelry, rockin' lil' girl stuff, some things that would make great Christmas gifts for you or someone in your family or with which to surprise someone. Seriously, if you win something that you don't exactly need ... maybe the true gift will come when you have the opportunity to bless it forward to someone else! And you just may want to check out the donator's sites because there are GREAT BIG THINGS happening through these generous and creative hearts that have donated here. Many of them have their own journeys underway. Support them!

Here's a brief summary. Please link over to the site/post for a full description! And remember to not only check back after the drawing ends to see if you won, but also continuing forward as there will be some really neat up-coming things you'll want to know about AS WELL AS a photo and introduction of The Rippee's daughter when they get the green light from the official folks. THAT will be such a cool day! I can hardly wait!

Here's the Prize-List:

MeiFaith Studio (Shelley): two stunning pieces of jewelry from her etsy-site

2.) THE FAR EAST Pendant

It's Poppy Dip (Sallee): 
3.) An adorable size 5T dress

Firefly Photo Jewelry (Shawna): Two beautiful necklaces

4.) I Love You to the Moon Hand Stamped Soldered Pendant Necklace

5.) Handstamped adoption necklace- Born In My Heart.

6.)Kay Brattan autographed copy of the Encore edition of Silent Tears: A Journey of Hope in a Chinese Orphanage . 

7.)Scarlet Threads: Scarlet Threads apron 

8.) GirlyGirl Bowtique Package

9.) Girly Girl Bowtique: $20 Gift Certificate 
(this was something I WON last Fall when I gave my VERY first donation to an adoption fundraiser. WHAT A BLESSING to include it as a prize here!!! My prayer before checking to see if I had won THAT give-away was that God would use the winners to answer deep prayers from the heart. Wow. God is SO cool!)

10.) Junk Posse (Tracy): a gorgeous "China Necklace," valued at $70.00! 

Jewels of My Heart (Daleea): 2 packages of 5.47" x 4.21" notecards
11.) "LuLu Friendship Note Cards" and 
12.) "Sophie Friendship Note Cards." 

13.) Debbie Gentile"Sisters" Photo, matted 8x 10 black and white photo ready for framing!

14-28.) HeatherFIFTEEN! ultra-funky camera straps. 

29.) Heathera $50.00 gift certificate to! 

30.) Ruffled Feathers (Valerie): $25 gift certificate from

31.) Rufflestiltskins (Melanie): a gift certificate for $50.00 toward anything through her website,

32.) Wheat and Wildflowers (Kimberly): a $50 gift certificate to anything in her store of the winner's choice. 


33 and 34.) Two handcrafted and designed, beautifully-beaded wrist-watches. 

Ruffled Feathers (Valerie)

35.) a little painted chair. 
Dimensions are 23"h x 12"w x 12"d

Wit & Wisdom Interior Lettering (Valerie)
36.) $30.00 gift certificate toward a custom designed vinyl wall art saying from Wit and Wisdom Interior Lettering. 

SewShay (Sharon):

37.)The Rainbow Roll (Valued at $18)

 ella bella designs

38.) Adoption Announcements Pkg.

39.) Sara (donation by her from Jewels of My Heart):
a bracelet of the WINNER'S Choosing from Daleea's 3,000 Bracelets Campaign to bring her daughter home!

Baby Be Blessed Dolls
40.) a gift certificate of $56! Enough to cover a PERSONALIZED doll including s/h!

THANK YOU for the GENEROUS donations from:
Wit and Wisdom 
Ruffled Feathers


  1. Finally got around to donating, been praying all the time :), follower since day 1, have had the button for a while- and now I'm letting you know!!

  2. I donated yesterday...twice. Once just wasn't enough, as it was still heavy on my heart. Praying for you to have great success from this fund-raiser! And thank you for the blessing of getting to have a small part in your adoption journey! In Christ, Angie S.