Tuesday, October 5, 2010

There is STILL time-Pendant Sale IN PROGRESS!

I noticed that Sarah added some new pendants this afternoon. My NEW fav is this one.
You too?!
I have a few people in mind that it would be perfect for ... hmmm, maybe I'm even thinking of you??

The pendant sale at Sarah's Treasure Box continues through midnight tonight (and maybe through the wee hours of the morning until Sarah wakes up.) Leave a note to the seller at checkout before final payment noting the Rippee Adoption to ensure they get you counted in their fund!

Sarah and her husband are donated $5 of every pendant to The Rippee Adoption Fund TODAY, October 5th. Don't miss out on blessing yourself AND this family through this wonderful opportunity.
I think we're at about 51 as of 4pm ... but the evenings can be busy she has reassured me ... oh I hope they are!


I may even have to go back again tonight and order a few more ... unless you beat me to it!


  1. OK...is that pendant about Evan?! Seriously?

  2. Thanks for doing this....meant to post yesterday...but time got away, and you know me and posting lately..*sigh*

    I did however start my Christmas shopping early....really early at least for me;-), and it's wonderful to be able to help out the Rippees.

    God bless & love you!