Wednesday, October 6, 2010

One More for For One Less--Results!

The Preliminary Count looks like we reached 97 pendants SOLD yesterday for The Rippee's!
That is incredible!!
THANK YOU! to everyone who did a little shopping, or a LOT of shopping or who lifted up this project all day long!
THANK YOU! to Sarah and her husband Chris at Sarah's Treasure Box. What a gift from the heart!
That's just shy of $500 that will be donated by them to The Rippee Adoption Fund!!! Please remember their generosity and do some of your future shopping at their site! I have a feeling that there will be many more cool pendants yet to be created. Check back often!

Yesterday afternoon Sarah emailed me, and I must admit that when I saw her etsy convo hit my mailbox my pr@yer was something more about hitting a certain numerical goal that I had in mind for that time of the day ...  however, when I read her email my heart was immediately softened like butter by reading something so much better. It brought tears a flowing!

From Sarah:
"OK....go grab your Puffs. This is a comment I just got with an order:

Thank you for helping the family with adoption. I am adopted and know what a great feeling it is to have a family:)"

Family ... oh, how sweet the word and thought! I can't imagine not having one. 
The thought of a child ... not having one ... oh my.
In fact, I received several emails from people thanking me for reminding them about the fundraiser and how adoption had touched their family's life!

Thank you for sharing your family and your blessings with The Rippees. The birthdays presents and Christmas presents or presents to yourself that you shopped for are weaving your lives and family in with The Rippee's Family. And I cannot help but imagine how BEAUTIFUL this great tapestry that HE is weaving must look like when seen from a step back. Thanks for being family!



  1. Almost $500 that is wonderful!!!! Thank you for arranging all of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Rippees...Go RIPPEES...Go RIPPEES!!!!!!

    Go Valerie...Go Valerie...Go Valerie!!!!!!

  2. PTL!! That's great, and what a touching comment she received from and adoptee herself... I'm sure it blessed Sara's heart even more! What a fun way to bless the Rippee family...and what a generous heart this family has for offering $5 from each pendant they sold. May God richly bless them in return for their generous hearts!!