Sunday, June 27, 2010

Update on Pre-approval

I just thought I'd let you know that we heard back from our agency yesterday. They said CCAA had contacted them asking for more information regarding the income situation. They felt that the income was too low even for Beijing, but didn't turn us down, only asked for more of an explanation. They asked us to do a special letter stating that although our address is technically in Beijing, that we didn't really live in Beijing, but a very small farming community quite some distance outside of Beijing. We included the low rent and costs of food, etc for our family letting them know just how cheap it was to live here in the village which didn't even come close to comparing to living in the US or even Beijing. We are hopeful once they receive this letter, that they will then give their approval. We believe that obviously they are considering it or they would have likely turned us down right away. Soooo........keep this situation lifted up and we hope to hear a response in the next week or so. Absolutely positive, of course!!! As soon as we know--you'll know!! Thanks guys!!


  1. Lifting you up and waiting for BIG things!!!

  2. Hello Rippees! My name is Bao and I just stumbled upon your blog via a link by your friend Valerie. Thank you for sharing about your journey in adoption. My husband & I lived and served as tent-makers in Macau for two years. We are currently Stateside and are hoping to return to E.Asia after completing graduate education. I want to let you know that I will be praying for your process. May He provide in ways you've never imagined before!!

  3. Praising Him for all the small steps forward, and continuing to pray...The CCAA's response does sound positive to me as well.