Saturday, June 12, 2010

Little Victories

I have a sign in my living room. It's small and silver metal and simple. I bought it when my husband was on a hunting trip out West. It was one of those weeks that I decided to redecorate the house ... and ended up settling on hanging a wooden cupboard and the sign. (Ha!)

But I find that sign speaking to me so often ... just so quietly ... out of the corner of my eye. Beckoning to me with its four simple letters    
p  *  r   *  a   * y

As I sit here today thinking on what to post ... it reminds me where to start ... where to end ... but most importantly where to remain.

I'm hoping to post frequently in order to keep everyone up to date on where things stand. I just wish that things would move more quickly and in their favor. The Rippee's are still anxiously awaiting the chance to submit their pre-approval paperwork. However, as is often the case it seems, there has been a delay with more needed paperwork. AND then paperwork for the paperwork. Does this sound at all familiar to anyone who has been through this or journeyed along with someone who has?!  Oh how frustrating.

We are asking you to keep "thoughts" going up for them regarding the red tape concerning their income which does not fit within the guidelines of the U.S. standard of living. Obviously ... they do not live in the U.S.!  A waiver needs to be granted on the US side ... and then also on the other side as well. This is SO important right now as decisions are being made that could effect their ability to be able to adopt, based solely on this one factor that assumes that they reside in the States. Because they live in Ch**a their standard of living is so significantly different than that in the U.S. Let me assure you, The Rippees ARE able to provide a loving home where this child WILL be well provided for! If the exchange rate is figured in, there really is no issue. They need the officials to see this, to understand this, to give their stamp of approval over this. Once this is cleared, then they can move on to the next phase (whew!) And hard and fast rules are amazingly waived at times ... let this be one of them.

So, I am asking that instead of looking at that big whopping end number on the Chip-In (to the right,) please know that little victories make the way to the bigger ones. I'm pr*ing that we can collectively bring together ... $2000 as the first hurdle to cross and to encourage Randy and Rita in their journey. I know it is possible, I've seen it happen for other fundraisers and I am remaining positive with excitement for this one. And if you need further incentive, scroll down through the previous post of prizes! If you have felt led to give, please consider doing so now. It will be so encouraging to The Rippees to see the mountains moving for them and also to so many others as they see it happening too.

When they are far enough into the process they are hopeful about applying for grants. But they need to get to that stage in order to apply. Let's help them get to that point. I happen to have the radio on right now, are you familiar with this song by Chris Tomlin? Add in the obvious word in the blank:

Our ___ is greater 
Our___ is stronger
 ___  you are higher than any other ...
Our___ is healer
Awesome in power.
Our ___ ... our ___ .
And if our___ is for us
Then who could ever stop us?
And if our___ is with us
Then who could ever stand against us?

I just LOVE that song! What an encouragement! And what a blessing to hear it right now. Is it a coincidence that it happens to be on right now?
I don't believe in coincidence much.
Remain with me ... with our thoughts held up for The Rippee's--for the little victories ... that will become the BIG victories!



  1. Oh Valerie!! You are such a blessings to us!!

  2. No coincidence at all. He is with us all indeed!! Move mountains- just move and melt and be no more. *thoughts* are with the Rippee's.