Thursday, June 24, 2010

Contest Date Change

When we began this fund-raiser, we were told that our pre-approval paperwork was to be filed immediately. Apparently then our agency decided we needed paperwork for the paperwork--that took a few weeks to accomplish. Then, we thought it'd be filed after that, but another delay developed and they decided we needed pre-approval on the US side due to our income being below poverty level since we didn't have US based jobs and income. That took a few weeks too. We certainly aren't unhappy with our agency, as we feel they are just trying to cover all the bases, which is good. Perhaps with getting the US approval, it gives us another bargaining chip with the Chinese side of things, who knows?!! However, with all these delays, we've decided we need to move the contest date back. Soooo many wonderful prizes have been donated and we just want to take advantage of that knowing if we tried to do another contest later, chances are people aren't going to want to donate again even though things were delayed. We've been told that others have done the same in similar circumstances. We hope you understand and hopefully it isn't too concerning or offensive to those who've participated. We wanted to let you know that so you weren't concerned when you saw a different date on the website. After much consultation between ourselves and Valerie, we both felt it was something that should be done and also agreed that the ending date should be moved to sometime around the Labor Day holiday. Thank you so much for following our journey and participating in this fundraiser to help bring our daughter home!!


  1. Well...delaying the fundraiser sounds OK to me....then there's the potential for more donations, and definitely MORE publicity! There's always a silver lining. Always! I'm sorry about the delays, but I can see how it would be good to have all the bases covered.

    As a family, we lift you and this adoption up daily, and are sure He will do a mighty work!

  2. The delays are SO frustrating, but they do give us a greater opportunity to see God at work...and He is doing GREAT things on your behalf!!!