Wednesday, April 6, 2011

We Officially Have LID!!!

We were excited to get up to an email from our agency this morning telling us we had an official LID of 4/1/11 (Log in Date) at the CCAA.  Though when it was hand delivered on March 30th, they'd told us it may take up to 8 weeks!  Though we were hoping for a much shorter wait, you can imagine our surprise to find out our log in date was only 2 days after that!!  We are celebrating this new milestone and looking forward to the next, LOA (letter of acceptance).  That, we are told from all our paperwork, could be 4-6 months from now--which would put it about July 1st-Sept. 1st.  Naturally, we are hoping AGAIN for a much shorter wait than that.  Guess we'll just have to wait and see!  I'm hoping that once we officially have LOA, that we can announce our new daughter:)

It's funny, though we've been through adoption twice already, though 10 and 12 years ago, and a lot can change in that amount of time, I didn't remember what all the terminology was.  When someone wrote on another of our blogs about LOA, I had no idea then what that meant.  Judging by the context it was written, I'd mistakenly thought it was "lots of affection" perhaps.  Apparently unintentionally when I commented when someone asked me also what that meant, I'd commented perhaps it was that and I didn't really know.  A BIG MISTAKE as I apparently offended someone. Something I NEVER intended to do but did nonetheless.  Next time I'll be sure to ask or at least say I don't know rather than guess based on the context of the conversation--though it could have easily meant that.  Guess I need to become more educated in such things, but seems if you aren't involved in it that much, it's hard to keep up on everything out there.  Anyway, now I know what LOA and LID and all that means--though no guarantee on how long it will stick with me after this adoption is over and I'll again be ignorant of such terminology.  Anyway, all I can do is hope they forgive me and try not to make that same mistake again!  I'd also like to personally apologize, but don't know their names or contact info, so I can only hope they see this or someone who does know passes it along:)  Perhaps someday, I'll get the opportunity to do that personally.  I'll try not to be so ignorant in the future--but no guarantees as I'm only human, but I promise to make a better effort and thinking things through thoroughly before opening my mouth!

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