Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Raffle for the Rippees Adoption!

Welcome to the Rippee Raffle! 
Now through May 13
For our next fundraiser, we are raffling off these 4 fabulous prizes!
One entry is $10, and three entries are $25.

If you post about the raffle on your blog or facebook, you will get an additional entry! Please e-mail me, Lindsay, at to let me know that you have posted!

Pearl Necklace
(These exquisite pearls were bought in China and donated by a family during their trip to bring home their newly adopted daughter!)


Set of 2--Chinese Magnetic Bookmarks Set

Chinese ladies with orange and red dress
(From the New Day Gift Shop)

measurements: 2 3/4 x 5 3/4cm

Kokeshi Doll Earrings

These sweetly cute Kokeshi Doll earrings are made by 2 very talented sisters from Adelaide, Australia, who have enjoyed working together and seperately on craft and art projects since they were little, under the instruction of their very crafty mother, who also contributes items to their store SARAH'S STUFF

Although they are sweet as earrings, I would LOVE to detach them from the earring hook and string them on individual necklaces for either 2 sisters or a mother and daughter! Either way, as earrings or necklaces, these are truly the sweetest bobbles!

Bridges and Blossoms Skirt

Donated by Valerie at Ruffled Feathers Company

Size: 4T/6
(4T as a longer skirt, 6 as a shorter skirt)
Exact Measurements: 14.5" length (waist to hem)
20" waist (unstretched)--stretches to 25"

Skirt Description:
The main top layer of fabric on this skirt finds Asian fishing boats drifting across deep crimson seas. Amid green boughs and Spring blossoms there are also tea houses, arching bridges and wooden walking paths through peaceful water gardens. The bottom layer of fabric peeks out in contrast along the bottom edge and through a sassy side-split. Ancient Chinese characters flow freely, telling untold stories across a papyrus colored background.

This skirt would pair beautifully over leggings during cooler weather or for more tom-boyish play. It can be worn either longer in a more traditional manner or at shorter lengths over leggings or tights for growing girls to enjoy for several delightful seasons.

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