Wednesday, March 30, 2011

We've Been Blessed Again!

I just had to tell you how we've been blessed!  We just heard from one of the grant organizations we applied at. It is Kinsman Redeemer, the Missouri based organization from our home state.  They've blessed us with a $2,000 grant!!  We are sooo thankful for their generosity and are feeling ooohhh soooo blessed!!!  Please continue to lift up the other grants that are being decided upon this month and next.  Thanks so much for agreeing with us and seeing us through this amazing adoption journey!!


  1. What a blessing! I am so, SO, so happy for you guys! I look down at that thermometer at over $13,000 raised and I am in AWE. AMAZED. and THANKFUL!
    When you first said the amount that was needed last year in May I know I felt my heart somewhere in the pit of my stomach! Looking from the bottom of that then-empty thermometer at over $19,000 needed--it just seemed so nearly impossible!! ... and yet we moved forward being sure of what we hoped for ... and look at how the impossible turned possible!!!! Bit by bit, uplifted thought by uplifted thought. His glory shines in it all. :-)
    Blessings for a strong finish through the end!

  2. How wonderful! Thrilled to see this blessing.

  3. Thank you Valerie!! We were a bit like you--looking at the HUGE amount that we knew there was NO WAY it was coming from what we ourselves could do!! However, we also knew--without a doubt--that He want us to adopt this child and therefore, trusted He would make the way. Though we knew not how, we decided to simply have faith that He would bring it to pass. You have been such a blessing to us in this process. Along with Lindsay and so many other generous people whom God has chosen to use for this, HIS PURPOSE!! We continue to stand in AWE OF HIM!!