Saturday, August 7, 2010

Savoring the Journey

I feel compelled to post today as my heart is anxious from the waiting ... and waiting! 

And just in case you are anxious too, I wanted to share something that keeps coming to mind and covering over my heart like a blanket. I'm not even sure where it comes from ... but I think I have an idea because it comes in a quite hush that is deep.
It's the word. SAVOR.

I'm going to take you back to THIS post and the words to this song by Chris Tomlin. Add in the obvious "G" word in the blank:

Our ___ is greater 
Our___ is stronger
 ___  you are higher than any other ...
Our___ is healer
Awesome in power.
Our ___ ... our ___ .
And if our___ is for us
Then who could ever stop us?
And if our___ is with us
Then who could ever stand against us?

It was what I was singing and dancing to with my 2 yr. old while lifting up good thoughts about a BIGGER plan that is taking shape beyond this one family's journey. I know that my heart has a little bit of trouble at times wondering how long this is going to take. Why is this a marathon and not a 50 yard dash? What could possibly be the purpose of this?? Why? Why? Why? I feel like an antsy 4-yr. old over this!

But have you ever just felt your heart so full of hope? It's a feeling like right before you open a present ... so many good unknowns ... so much potential ... the anticipation, the love, the hope ... is bubbling over from something like that. And I am so filled with that right now ... like the top of the climb on a roller coaster. I hear the slow clink-clink-clink as the track disappears when it reaches the top of the hill and it seems that I can see forever into the distance ... it is then that I realized that I don't want to hurry the appreciation along so fast that I forget to SAVOR it. RELISH it. GRASP it.

Yes, I want to rip the paper off of this "gift" for the Rippee's and find out all the details and celebrate! But I'm reminded to slow down and just SAVOR the moment of anticipation and wonder at all that is being done that we cannot see, the hearts and minds that may be changing through the hoops and challenges this family is going through to make this girl their own. And yes, the journey is part of the gift. (See this post here for a GREAT story that I posted about last year!) It's good to be reminded of that.

So it has been laid on my heart to SAVOR this time, SAVOR all the work that has gone into the process, SAVOR the joy of anticipation that His hope brings. SAVOR that He is good. And through that, SAVOR the idea that the joy will build and the glory to Him will overflow in His time.
Yes, the journey is part of the gift. And my anxious heart will just have to learn to SAVOR these moments.


  1. Savoring the gift is one of the best...and hardest...things about the adoption process, I think! Each and every little happening turns into such a BIG God moment, and faith is grown and stretched every step of the way. I saw on another blog somewhere where the blogger was comparing pregnancy to adopting. She said that with pregnancy you get stretch marks on your body, but with adoption you get stretch marks on your SOUL. I just love that!!! And, consequently, I don't mind the stretch marks on my soul near as much as I do the ones on my stomach and thighs! LOL!!! :)

  2. What a beautiful post, Valerie. So appreciate your words here--