Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Home Study Begins

The last few days we've been working with the social worker to get her here to do our home-study. She lives in Shanghai and needs to travel to Beijing to do ours, and another family's home-study. Although we don't know many other details, we have made her plane and hotel reservations to arrive on Tuesday, August 31st. She will be here a couple of days to do the study. Are we nervous? You bet!! I'm not sure why, as we've been through this a couple of times previous when we got our other 2 precious daughters, but there is just something unnerving about having a complete stranger come in and laying out your entire life. You want to make a good impression and also make sure that everything is open and honest without any misunderstandings or hidden areas. Yet, I guess that is the hardest part, it is just hard to do that with a complete stranger. It's something we are only accustomed to doing with people we've come to know over time and became close to. It's something revealed over a much longer process of time and not just a few days or some home-study sessions. Anyway, we will be glad when that part is over and we can move on to more paperwork and yes, the real prize of course--the child!! Oh, how we'd love to give a few hints or be able to reveal this wonderful, special girl!!! But.....we must wait until we get the go ahead from our agency. Oh what a day that'll be!! I know that you'll be rejoicing with us!!

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