Thursday, February 17, 2011

I-797 is Back!!

Hey guys, we have great news!!  Today we finally received notification that our last piece of paperwork is complete for our dossier. The other documents have been sealed and they were just waiting for this one to finish.  For anyone who doesn't know what this very important piece of paperwork is, it is our official approval from the US Immigration to adopt our girl!  Although we'd gotten pre-approval quite some time ago, since we didn't technically qualify due to the fact that they were going by US standards on income--and we don't live in the US--we still needed this official approval for our dossier.  Yippee, it is now back and we can soon send our dossier to China.  We'll let you know when that is official too!  Celebrate with us, won't you!!


  1. Yeah! Celebrating with you and this next big milestone!! What a happy-happy day!

  2. Celebrating this great accomplishment with you!!
    Whoo Hoo!!