Monday, July 26, 2010

Ruffled Feathers: Skirts With Heart

Ever ruffle feathers? Well, sometimes it can be a good thing. I've definitely been ruffling some feathers recently with my family of ALL boys. Check out my newest creations of "Ruffled Feathers Skirts" at:

So what's the scoop? Well, I love making skirts and dresses for little girls ... and after donating several skirts to the Love Without Boundaries fundraiser in April as well as a few other adoption fundraisers, I decided to keep "ruffling."  Instead of wasting this passion by just letting it sit idle, I'm "ruffling some feathers" in my passion for orphans and in particular for The Rippee Family. I even have a new lead model Chloe who really puts some F.U.N. into modeling these skirts and dresses--check it out! 

Everything sold through this summer will be split 3 ways between cost, my church's basement flooding repair and The Rippee's Fundraiser ... AND you get something spunky and new to wear to church or school!

Available now are skirts starting at $21 and apron dresses for $35. (Scroll down through my recent posts or check the post history on my sidebar. You can leave me a comment on the almyfamilyjournal site or email me at almquist at fmtcs dot com  (replace the words (at and dot) with the appropriate symbols.)

Blessings! --Valerie

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