Friday, July 16, 2010

Another Blessed Addition!-Baby Be Blessed Doll Gift Certificate

BabyBeBlessed Dolls

Another blessing is being added to the bounty of the give-away! And how perfect for a fundraiser for the adoption of a little girl--a gift certificate for a doll! But not just any doll. This is a doll from BabyBeBlessedDolls and if you are not already familiar with them, hold onto your heart because they are SO adorable!

Isn't your heart all floppy and full now?!
Here is a little bit about BabyBeBlessed:

"Baby be Blessed  is a doll m*nistry.   We are a family of stay-at-home Chr*st*an Mommies who love the L*rd and desire to share His hope and truth!  Each handmade doll has the Word of G*d printed on a patch sewn to their belly.  Our mission and  deepest desire is for each child to come to know, understand and live for J*sus Chr*st.  
We pray that each child who receives a Baby be Blessed Doll would be ready to hear, accept and embrace that truth! We encourage each parent to stand on the strong foundation of G*d's Word and to teach it. We pray that these dolls would be a part of the tools you would use to do that."
"Train up a child in the way he should go,
Even when he is old he will not depart from it."
Proverbs 22:6

(I've added the * in places to keep this website a bit safer for those reading it in restricted places--please understand that this is to help keep this blog open to more people and not meant to take anything away from His glory! Thanks for understanding!)

Look at these tummies!

And the folks at BabyBeBlessed have generously donated a gift certificate of $56! Enough to cover a PERSONALIZED doll including s/h! 
I am already so excited for all the winners. Can this fundraiser get any better?! 

Check out their site at
They also have pre-made dolls (both girls and boys and animals) and doll accessories and clothing. 
And also a separate blog found here:

Remember you can donate via the ChipIn link OR email rita or me (valerie) for a mailing address to send a check (yes, this is one more step for you, but it assures that all the funds go to The Rippees AND still WILL absolutely get you entered into the drawing!)



  1. I just love these dolls...they have such a neat message! What generous hearts I am seeing here... PRAYING that each of them are blessed as they reach out to bless this wonderful and deserving family! <><

  2. These are some of the most darling little dollies!! I love them and thank you so much for donating one!

  3. These dolls are so beautiful! Really neat!

  4. I'm confused still about how to enter your drawings...let me know!

  5. OK, I donated via Chip-In, does that mean I'm entered in the drawing? I'm confused too! :)

  6. Dear Jenna,

    Yes, you are now entered into the drawing. Thanks so much and good luck!