Sunday, May 16, 2010

Blessings Flow

Welcome to Blessings A Hundred Fold!
Thank you for stopping by and joining The Rippee Family in their journey to grow their family through adoption.

So much good can come from each of us, especially when we share together the blessings & talents that we have been showered with!

If you have a talent or gift that you would like to share please consider helping this fundraiser by donating an item for the "suggested donation give-away." Currently there are lots of spots to be filled and most likely if you think it's something cool, so will someone else! It can be something that you have made with your gifted talents or something that you have purchased. Email Rita (her email address is on the sidebar) or leave a comment in the most recent post.

The Fundraising Kick-Off Info will be coming shortly! Please book mark and share this link with your friends by blogging about it AND grabbing the nifty button for your blog from the sidebar!

Randy and Rita Rippee

Some background information.
Randy and Rita Rippee along with their two adopted daughter and their two grown children are deeply seeking to add to their family through the adoption of another child from Ch*na.

They have lived in Ch*na for the past 6 years, moving there after adopting their two Chinese born daughters and they continue to work full-time with orphans! As the managers and house parents of a home for older orphan girls their work is a volunteer position only, and they receive no payment for their services and outpouring of love over these children. Instead of a salary they must raise independent support in order for their family to live there. That is just for day to day life ... so generating adoption funds is in addition to this!

The thought of Rita having such a vital hand in helping so many people sponsor children, some of which have blossomed into the adoption of that sponsor child and other sponsorships that have opened hearts to adopting other children) and then because of all they have given up to live as volunteers in Ch*na that they do not meet the CCAA income guidelines and fees for adoption is hard to take in and accept!

Please pray for the necessary funds to come in for The Rippee's and spread the word about this fundraiser!

The Rippee Family


  1. You know you can count me in! I'll create a package of Girly Girl Bowtique goodies.

  2. I think this is an awesome idea! The blog looks great!