Friday, May 21, 2010

*Almost ready*

I am SO excited to post about the suggested donation fundraiser and list the prizes that have been donated so far! WOW! The people who I have asked and who have volunteered on their own have so graciously and enthusiastically given from their hearts. It is such a blessing and a beautiful God-thing to see this come together for The Rippees. I am praying to hear back from a few more people that I have contacted and I also have a few more additions to make already, so if you have not donated and would like to there is still time! In fact, if you feel compelled at any point during the fundraiser I would be happy to add your donation and make a special post about it!

I hope to put the final touches on the "Kick-off List" and have it posted by the end of the weekend, so please check back often in case it happens sooner!
And if you want to chip-in now, you'll still get credit for your donations--Promise.

If you have not donated a drawing prize but would like to (you do get an additional entry into the drawing for donating btw) please email me here or at
We would love to include you and your great ideas and rich talents! Believe me, it is such an incredible feeling to know that you had a close connection in bringing this child into a loving home by giving not only dollars but something that someone else received for giving THEIR donation!--Something that they will keep and that will remind them of not only their kindness but also yours.

As you may have noticed Rita has placed the Chip-In button on the sidebar. I'm anxious to see it leave the "O%" mark! Let me tell you I've had my fair share of nightmares lately about it not budging, but I know that soon will be put to rest!

Sorry to keep you hanging, but I know you appreciate the longest list of prizes I can give you, right?! (If you're real curious to know who has donated so far, scroll down on the sidebar, past the "be kind button"--past the "followers buttons" (and join us as a follower while you are there) and there is a list of donors. If you do not see your name listed and thought you have contacted me please email me again to make sure I received your email.)

Blessings to you all!


  1. I'll keep checking back! Can't wait to see the list.

    God can work miracles! I'll be praying that he gives you exactly what you need.

    Blessings to you!

  2. Thank you for your prayers and encouraging words!