Friday, May 20, 2011

New Announcements, New Deadlines, New Costs, New Prizes!!

Hello everyone, this is Lindsay! We've all been doing a happy dance now that the Rippee Family was finally able to announce that their new daughter is Elizabeth! I hope you've joined us!! : )

I want to apologize for the being so late to post about the raffle. We've had some posting issues, blogger was down at one point and I couldn't log in. We have good news though! We are extending the raffle by two weeks, so you have until June 3rd to enter to win one of the prizes. Remember, one entry is $10, and three entries are $25! You also get an additional entry if you post a link to the raffle on facebook, or your blog.

We also have new items to add to the rafflee, two fabulous keychains that were donated by Gina!

You can check out more of her shop and keychains at this website

We are all so excited for the Rippee family! We also need your help. Unfortunately, we learned that many costs of adoption have recently risen, so we still need about $13,330, which is more than was previously expected. This may seem overwhelming, but we continue to put our faith in God and believe that through Him ALL things are possible. So, if you have any items to donate to an upcoming auction, could talk to your church or organization at home about putting on a fundraiser or donating, spread the word, or pray, we would all be so thankful! Recently a organization in my town made cupcakes and sold them for one to two dollars a piece to fundraise for Elizabeth. They took orders beforehand and had a great turnout! Please e-mail me with any questions at !

We continue to be amazed by God's blessings and miracles throughout this INCREDIBLE journey and cannot wait for the day when Elizabeth will finally have a forever family to call her own. That day is getting closer and closer, however we still have to raise $13,330. Will you help us, so Elizabeth can be a part of the Rippee family that she has dreamed about for so long?

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